Cooking From Scratch: Foods I’ll Never Buy Again

October 11, 2009 at 11:02 pm 3 comments

Piece of cake ... strawberry shortcake

Piece of cake ... strawberry shortcake

I know — you’re never supposed to say never, and there’s a chance I’ll eat my words. But this cooking from scratch experiment taught me about certain foods that I’ll probably always buy readymade, and other foods that I’ll *probably* never buy again. Strong words, eh?

Well, instead of dwelling on the foods I lusted after (and couldn’t make at an even reasonably edible level), let’s look at some of my big, sustainable successes in the form of foods I hope to never find on my grocery bill from here on out:

1.) Ready-Made Biscuit & Shortcake Dough: Don’t get me wrong; I think the Pillsbury doughboy is freaking adorable — I just don’t want him making my biscuits (hm, that sounds like a euphemism…) But seriously, biscuits and shortcakes are so easy, you might as well make them from scratch — especially when you can enjoy them with homemade butter.

Breakfast in the fuzzy logic rice cooker

Breakfast in the fuzzy logic rice cooker

2.) Instant Oatmeal: Again, I have nothing against the Quaker Oats man — he seems like a standup guy. But after discovering the wholesome goodness of steel cut oats, I’m afriad there’s no going back to instant oatmeal for me. Steel cut oats might rank a notch lower in terms of convenience, but my handy dandy rice cooker does so much work, it hardly counts as “cooking.”

3.) Whipped Cream: Okay, I admit it — you can’t squeeze homemade whipped cream directly into your mouth like you could with a can of ReddiWip. And sure, it’s not as convenient as picking up a container of Cool Whip. But whipping your own cream isn’t just easy and ridiculously delicious — it’s also bizarrely fun, especially if you separate some out and turn the rest into butter. Mmmm.

4.) Pasta Sauce in a Jar: Sadly, Seattle’s amazing tomato season this year is coming to a close. (It still couldn’t rival Jersey Fresh tomatoes, though). And no, I didn’t freeze or can fresh tomatoes to get me through the winter, although I really wish I had… But that doesn’t mean I can’t make my own sauces using canned whole tomatoes — they yield a surprisingly fresh-tasting, chunky homemade sauce that would do Jersey proud.

Finally, here are some of my honorable mentions: butter, humms, and yogurt — I’ll definitely make these way more often, but I can’t say I’ll never buy them again… I should also give a shout-out to salad dressing, because I haven’t bought a bottle of it for years. I guess my track records shows that I probably won’t end up eating my words — but if I do, here’s hoping they’re delicious.


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  • 1. yumyumsommom  |  February 20, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Love this! I am a cook everything from scratch kind of girl.

    1. it tastes better.

    2. it’s a lot more healthier

    3. Ewww processed

    I am a total food snob, and prefer to do everything from scratch. I love this blog. PS: there are new canisters that make your heavy cream unto whipped cream in a jiff. I saw it at my local grocery store. To bad it costs nearly 70 bucks!!! I smell anniversary gift for me šŸ™‚

  • 2. Unintentional Housewife  |  October 24, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    Although I’ve decided I need to find some balance in my life regarding how far “from scratch” I want to go, I do love my homemade foods. Home-cooked is definitely superior to anything pre-packaged! I’ll be looking through your site to find some more inspiration!

    Regarding the cream-whipping canisters: I’m currently lusting after both the cream whipper that my local Starbucks uses and an oil sprayer so I can use pure olive oil in my spray-on applications.

  • 3. J. Martinez  |  April 2, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    I recently discovered the shortcake from scratch myself (ran out of ingredients for the angel food I was planning) and low and behold it was amazing! I used “cake flour” and I kinda wonder if that’s what made it so super awesome… (Maybe I’ll try regular flour next time just to see the difference.) The pasta sauce I keep jars on hand for emergencies. Still use ready whip bc my kids think its cool.

    Good article, I can absolutely relate:) on a quest to eat healthier and make more from scratch myself, glad I found your blog today!


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